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The cold wind was the same, the barren, frozen landscape, even the ruins of Nanny's fortress were untouched. But the man who stood on the blindingly white snow was changed. The over-sized trnch coat billowed out to his side as he scanned the dead landscape. It was exactly the same as it had been that night.

The ice crunched under his feet as he walked over toward the ruins, stading high on a dune and looking down into the devestation caused by the battle. He could still remember that night, how long had it been since then? It had been months in the Nexus, but time worked differently in different worlds. He could still feel the heat on his face, see the flames leaping high into the sky, casting eerie shadows over the snow.

He walked for what seemed an age, until finally stopping at a spot maybe a kilometer away from the ruins. About here, it was about here where he had fallen, here where he had watched her leave. Where he had knelt in the freezing cold feeling all hope die within him. He shook off the morbid thoughts, shoving his hands deep into his pockets and walking back through the portal.

Heavily, he dropped into a chair in his apartment. Those were all memories from long ago. From another Gambit, another life.

((I'm not dead! I live! RL has just been a complete bitch lately. Sorry for just disappearing like that! X_X))
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