Gambit (cajun_lebeau) wrote,

Reach For The Light...

We ain't goin' Psylocke's way.


She can take care of herself. See out here, it's up to you whether you live or die, Ah don't care anymore.

*He still could feel that cold wind, still feel his bare skin hitting the frozen ground, and he could still see her back, as she left him there to die. The emptiness that had set upon him that day was as fresh as ever. He could still taste the cry of despair rising in his chest, feel the agony as of a knife driven to his heart and slowly twisted, as she faded from his sight. The words long unsaid caught in his throat as he cried out in his sleep, before suddenly jolting awake, sweat pouring off his body, his head in his hands*

Sorry chere, Sorry I wasn't de man you deserve... *He uttered the words to the darkness of his room, not expecting any answer but the creeping hopelessness, the thought that maybe it would always be this way, always reaching out, but never touching the light...*
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